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Sales Is Not Profit

Perhaps most people clearly know that Sales Is Not Profit. They don’t need to be told that one is not the other.  But haven’t you seen or worked with people that seem to equate these two though they are totally different things?  Maybe you didn’t realize that some companies chase sales so hard because they think that one automatically leads to the other and therefore more is more.

Over the last few years I have worked with several Companies that focused...

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Have you or your firm contracted for an (outside) Project Manager (PM) to manage one or more of your projects?   Or are you planning to engage an outside PM for one or more projects in the near future?   Or have you been disappointed with the results obtained using outside PM’s on prior projects?

Many contracted Project Managers are ineffective in their roles.   This piece focuses on how to get (far) better results out of contracted or subcontracted PM’s in the future.

Project Financial Management

Project Financial Management and financial control is an area that many companies under-emphasize.  Especially those that are not familiar with project cost control management methods.  To do this well requires a fusion between the Company's Accounting organization and the Project Manager or Practice Leader for the project(s) that need to be controlled.  I have seen many situations where companies have failed to effectively plan for solid control, and ended up spending far more or making far less on their project(s) than anticipated.   Often...
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